Thursday, June 18, 2015

pointing my finger in disgust......

the tragedy in south carolina {my most hated of states} illustrates just what ive been trying to get across to you..THEY WILL NOT STOP!!!!!!!!!!! ..human lives mean nothing but a means to an end for the powers that be..these innocent people were gunned down for the larger agenda of restricting rights & seizing guns....i know once again youre rolling your eyes & thats because you fail to see the big fail to realize that these plans have been in motion for think your mate is cheating on you because of the method of adding up little things correct? new car..weight loss..change in wardrobe & weird hours tend to suggest cheating right bare with me as we do this again  ..i told you a couple of years back that there would be more mass shootings from bizarre characters & if you follow the bread crumbs youre led to things such as * the person was mentally ill  * the person disappeared for weeks or months leading up to the "event"  * the  person was being seen by a military doctor or someone in their family is high ranking military  *the person participated in some kind of group/experiment in college  *the person despite having nearly no money somehow pays for expensive weapons & ammo & lastly * the "event" happens before some kind of  gathering vote referendum speech or anniversary of something ..tomorrow is "juneteenth freedom day emancipation day & is a day of observance for many african americans also the NAACP is due to meet for a convention in july in philidelphia  & as a black preacher so wisely pointed out "Thursdays are when pastors put together their sermons for Sunday so the timing of this could not have been any better, I'm afraid that this is going to turn out to be another staged event." smaller events   ..........           -government unlawfully bans some popular caliber ammunition
-media only reports on black people being killed by police despite stories of innocent whites also being killed by police
-media constantly warning of coming race riots even when theres only peaceful protest happening
-al sharpton calling for federal policing abolishing local cops..this from a known government snitch
-police are running in peoples homes in & around the new york area looking for 2 escaped convicts but a story showing the huge numbers of illegal aliens released & not deported & their numerous re-offenses including rape & murder goes ignored
-ethnic cleansing of blacks by chiconos in parts of los angeles goes unreported & unchecked ...
these are just a sample of the crumbs left behind but it still should be enough to set you straight..WAKE UP NEO!!