Monday, August 31, 2015

cant let go...rg3 edition

since im here in the capitol of the world & you care so much what i think about various things were gonna switch gears for a second & talk sports....the only soap opera being produced in the d.c. area is the "washington redskins" a landmark episode was aired where the team benched the face of the team robert griffin III (rg3) & named the back up (Captain) kirk cousins as starter ....many were shocked & hurt & want to bash the coach & organization for the move but im not one of those people what i do have a problem with is the seemingly shady way his concussion protocols were/is being handled seems as if it was way to convenient that griffin had gotten hurt during that 2nd preseason game seems that during that game that the choice had been made to bench him & when griffin had gotten laid out on the field the staff jumped at the chance to bench him..hes often injured so it just seemed like it was a matter of time until they could pull the plug...NOW that being said making cousins the starter was the right move...griffin seems as if hes forgotten how to play the position ..he looks totally lost at times when he is called to drop back & pass..hes looked that way since his second season to be honest ..the part so many are struggling with i believe is the feeling we all had as redskin fans during griffins rookie season ..even for casual fans it was a thing of beauty watching him play ..hes slender & athletic & ran more like a 200 meter winning olympian in shorts than a football player in full pads & a helmet ..he made it all look effortless & this city had a winning football team for the first time in a long time was xmas & thanksgiving every sunday for fans like me but as usual this is d.c. where the good times live a shorter life here more than most places particularly when youre talking pro sports ..we finally had "that guy"..we could wag our fingers at other teams fans & there was noting they could say back..we had a lamborghini with danica patrick behind the wheel in a micro bikini we have the "sanford & son" truck being piloted by an old fat church lady named eartha in a big steel bar supported bra & bloomers up to her arm pits.....we want that amazing feeling back but alas it is just a memory ..kirk cousins can be a good quaterback if he can control his emotions when things go south ..he wont "electrify" the way griffin did but he will win this team some games & can be a success here & hopefully pull the plug on this long airing soap sure griffin will be hitting the road after this season & off to tease another fan base with his intriguing athleticism but flawed skills ..