Monday, September 14, 2015


i am paraphrasing these questions because i can ....."im 25 & thinking about joining the army since the job market is so bad right now, advice?" .. hell no do NOT do it!!  this country is wearing a black hat right now & instead of killing innocent people in foreign lands you may be called upon to kill innocent people in this country..dont do it..put in to be a manager at applebees or something ..youll make a lot more money..youll get to seduce drunks at the bar at closing time & you wont have to kill a family just because..  "i have been single for almost three months now & i cant get over my ex still hurts like day one & im becoming obsessed i think." it sucks i know but youve made it 3 months you can make it 3 more..what you need to think about is if you give into your obsessions & wild thoughts where will you end up? jail or worse guys broke up for a reason & stayed apart for a reason ..twisted thought but take solace in this . around the world today thousands of people have caught their partner cheating or been caught themselves or have been dumped..youre not alone in your misery but it will pass unless youre mental like that case you should seek counseling ..seriously

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

even your phone

Now security experts are warning about a malicious porn app called Adult Player, which secretly takes a compromising photo of the person using it and then demands a ransom of $500 (£326) to be paid via PayPal or it will share the photo with the phone's contacts.