Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not gonna rub in your face but......

fifty more shot by a "muslim" in a gay florida not going to be long...i told you your government hates you & literally sacrifices you & foreign citizens through one war after the next..think about it for a second, since GB1 we've been trapped in an almost perpetual state of war..word from a government insider is its about blood letting which is why you see death & destruction through history on 9/11. The Pentagon is a pentagram the star of david is a pentagram. Thats what were up against..villains always have & always will be well armed but the citizenry not so much..sheep led to slaughter..Wisconsin has over 200,000 people under "legal" arms..hunters, enthusiast before you make you make your get the guns gif Id like you to seek out a speech made by that "fast & furious" criminal eric holder when he said years & years ago to a huge crowd that basically guns are bad & we have to make the public see guns are bad..well scare them if we have a few days you'll see how the gunman had $5k worth of guns & ammo even though he's unemployed or something & was overheard by a coworker/crisis actor that he "hated gays & killing them was his right by god."& kill 2 birds with 1 stone gun owners 2.religion  ..i said legal because eric holder authorized tons of guns to be sold to mexican cartels ..

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