Please forgive me my friends..

Oh outhouse on the coast..please go away!!

Ah the double life....

In case you forgot

Just an observation..

Another year down

Are you fucking forreal?

I guess I'm back..

You will be missed..


Don't be silent

Lena Horne

Getting Old Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Im all over the place..

The Klan..I mean Tea Party..

Maybe she was right..

C'mon be honest!!

Health Update..

Dumpster sex

Send Him Packing Please!!

I'll help you out..

Envy not the oppressor & choose none of his ways.

What's wrong with these guys?

size matters ..... to you


get the sensation..

How was you're Valentines Day?

Pop Culture TIme..

What I love

Gays in the military