clowning black women..anyone?

i saw a post going around bashing black men for "clowning" black women..saying that "no other ethnic group clowns their women the way black men do" before i get started i do fully understand that this does not apply to all black can't make any blanket statements about sex, ethnic group etc. because everyone is different BUT this will cover a large & growing group of people .black women ........& off we go..the biggest problem to black women & i mean just barely IS themselves..heres how i see the problems of black women braking down as 42% THEMSELVES ..#2. at 40% BLACK MEN ..#3. at 18% THIS IS A MANS WORLD (sadly)  ....with the help of black men the world has succeeded in marginalizing black women & turning them into an iill tempered, loud, walking fashion faux pas, caricature that can barely speak english. For a foreigner coming here & watching t.v. they would be struck by a few glaring issues with african americans ..1. most black men are gay  ..2. of the few straight black men available they can have their pick of black women 3. black women let black men do whatever they want .. 4. the men & the women are all ultra violent  5. the only blacks doing well are actors or athletes  6. black women are really tacky & belligerent. ...women of all races openly call each other bitches as a term of endearment seems that women now answer to what male society has been calling strong women for years.. i have heard being a black female is like receiving a double whammy at birth & i agree but you have to help yourselves.. heres some STOP IT advice for you.. *wearing clothes that don't fit  *violence is not the answer to every question  * calling yourself & other females bitches constantly  *putting jailbirds first..before you kids, job or family   *thinking that you're sad or not complete if you're single  *if a guy cheats on you he doesn't respect you period. *if you're the side chick he doesn't respect you either..*hes not going to leave his wife ..*being loud does not equal being strong ..*being 100lbs overweight is not "thick" it's fat..if you have a group of chubby chasers then rock on BUT don't fool yourself into thinking you have curves..a mountain has curves too..remember that....*stop hiding behind all the makeup & caked up fake hair, the object is to fool people into thinking its real..if you rip it out of the bag & just glue it up there..well you've strayed into clown territory once again .... if you could element 42% of your issues why wouldn't you? pile out of the clown car & exit the big tent stage right..& don't look back!!