Ah the things you don't know..

There was a poll taken in a handful of foreign countries..some our friends & some not but the overwhelming consensus was the biggest threat to world peace is the U.S. this is a diabolical country that was established by Christians but sometime between WWI & WWII decided to go over to the dark side & barely hides it from you..lets go over some things that you probably didn't know but should....* The man who wrote the Military Chaplains handbook is a Satanist..out in the open Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino so when someone is attending a military church service or being read their last rites it comes from a Satanist  ..*lets stick with him for a second..an entire base was shut down because he & other officers were named as having ritualistic sex with daycare kids & infecting them with various STDs up to & including HIV read about some of it here
The U.S. rebranded Al Qaeda ISIS & started arming them despite YOU & I saying NO! ..think back a couple of years when they tried to force a vote on arming "Free Syrians" & the military & public said we refuse to help terrorist..things were quiet for a while & then boom here comes ISIS a more violent offshoot of Al Qaeda & sadly a lot of you fell for the switch a roo ..sad very very sad ......Lincoln didn't want to free the slaves & only did so to weaken the south going as far as shipping some back to Africa which is where the country of Liberia came from..they even copied the Stars & Stripes as their country flag ....Republicans (Lincoln's party) fought for an end to slavery & equal rights..now this continued up until the 60s & that's where you get the term Dixiecrat ..Democrats who hated & many still do quietly hate black people..which is why Malcolm X said "if you negroes vote Democrat you're chumps."  .....The U.S. signed another real treaty after World War 2 at the Presidio in San Francisco September 8, 1951..this is the treaty preventing the U.S. from ever declaring war again & forces the U.S. to defend Japan against it's enemies..that explains a lot right...seems like maybe the U.S. lost ..ok now go study what I've given you & just know your Government hates you..the 1% hates you & wishes in the case of Prince Phillip could "come back as a virus" & thin the herd so to speak ..