New proposal..

It's been a long bleak year for me but what else would you expect for me to have. I thought things had bottomed out with the breakup of my marriage etc....long story BUT I was able to embark on a journey of sorts by moving a few hours from my beloved D.C. and moving in with family. My family has always gotten along, my mother was the hammer dropper as she was the oldest but since her passing it's been the dance of the loons. To let you know how the move out of state has gone let me propose an interesting legal idea. If you register and are approved, you will be able to  kill one family member every 10 years on your birthday starting at your 20th birthday. You see where this is going now right? I moved in with my aunt who lives in a McMansion with her 2 daughters and two granddaughters both of whom are grown. now for the sake of names and confusion well go with code names. Right let me see  Aunt- Chief    her oldest daughter- adele   youngest- butter, their kids aren't really players in this saga, well butters daughter is but we will skip her this time around. Chief laid down ground rules upon my arrival and Butter drove me around to get paperwork done etc..Butter was home with an injury so it was me and her the majority of the time. Butter almost immediately started in with the drill sergeant routine which got old fast, everything from my hygiene to how i made a bed came into question. I wasn't allowed (oh yes) to talk with my daughter because she had an issue with my now ex over something from almost 20 years ago. This was my new reality a gilded cage. One incident that really got under her skin is whenever she had an audience she would try to imply i didn't bathe. Early one morning in the kitchen I'm fully dressed and she went in and before i knew it i had dropped my pants bent over and said "smell it I'm clean." She grabbed a wooden spoon and tried to hit me with it, the Chief got a good laugh and Adele just chuckled under her breath and left the kitchen. Now this went on for months, by that time my sister had also moved into the area because "they" were going to help everyone get back in school and network, didn't turn out that way. Over time i became the man slave for Butter and her daughter to the point they stopped cleaning the bathroom unless i left to stay with my sister a few days. Now these are big women, when Bubble in particular squeezed her triple dipped big ass through those shower doors she left enough soil on the stall floor to plant bay grass. After i had enough and refused to play My Man Friday anymore she literally pulled the "dog trick." Asked me to go with her to the store then informed me on the way back that I "may as well stay with my sister since I'm alway there" which was bullshit, and promptly dropped me off there, "Oh we ll bring your things." It wasn't until that time did the pieces come together for me, other family members wouldn't call or come over to the house, she literally had 1 cousin she talked to and he was like a half member because it was a kid from one of my uncles side chick i guess. Butter is insane at the least psychopathic at the most. She lied on my two nieces ages 8 and 14, told her mother that a mutual friend of hers and my sisters said that my sisters house was filthy but the person has never come into the house and swore he didn't say that. Her ex stopped calling her outright so she began sending him nudes. The mutual friend set Bubble up with a friend of his, the guy ran for his life reporting "she told me I had to wait 3 months for sex, I expect my man to have dinner on the table" I guess the hell with his wants, oh and nightly sweaty foot rubs. After not hearing from him for a week nude pictures of Rasputia I mean Bubble started to flood his inbox, this is after one 2hr date. She doesn't know that we know, its our nuclear option to be released in the presence of the Chief. Theres so much more but the 1st cousins have come to a consensus that she is truly mentally ill and needs serious help or my "Ten Year Proposal."